Our Philosophy

It has been our experience that investment success is usually determined by a steadfast commitment to clearly defined investment principles. At Keystone Financial Partners, our investment philosophy is committed to:

  • Long-term investments as opposed to short-term trading
  • Diversification as opposed to certain concentrations
  • Preservation of purchasing power as opposed to risk-oriented speculation

Our goal is to help you to develop and follow a financial plan designed specifically for you—based on your values, goals, objectives, and tolerance for risk. Using numerous tools we will work together to develop a financial road map that will help to provide you with the structure you need to pursue your financial goals.

We provide wealth management services on a fee basis, tailored to your individual needs. Our services appeal most to serious investors who want to simplify, streamline, and systematize the wealth management process. Ultimately, our clients have realized the value of independent financial guidance, and they are far too busy doing what they love to do, rather than trying to manage their finances on a part-time basis. The best athletes have coaches, and that is the role that we play with regard to your finances.

If you are interested in setting up a time to discuss your financial needs, please call my office and my assistant, Serena Lester, will be happy to schedule a time we can meet or you can e-mail her at slester@keystonefinancialpartners.com