Financial Transition Planning

At Keystone Financial Partners, our time tested process has brought stability, confidence and wisdom to our clients as we walk with them through the peaks and valleys of significant life change, which also bring with it financial change.

Sudden Money is considered an event when you receive an amount of money significantly higher than you are used to having available. The money comes from an event that is rare rather than routine. A Sudden Money event can have significant life impact, well beyond just finances. This impact has the potential to be positive or negative. Sudden Money is more of a life event than a financial event. Managing this new money seems simple, yet even well-educated, sophisticated adults find Sudden Money a surprising mix of opportunities and challenges because the decisions that are required go well beyond financial.

Step-By-Step Process

Keystone Financial Partners’ financial transition planning process involves the blending of your personal goals, beliefs, and dreams with your new financial position. When new money arrives or old money becomes your responsibility, it is an important life event requiring the guidance of experts trained in blending the human experience with the facts and figures. Walking through a clearly defined process can bring you peace at a time when many questions are not yet answered. As a Certified Financial Transitionist®, Jim Trull and Keystone Financial Partners has been instrumental in creating this process that can smoothly guide you through a financial transition.

The Decision-Free Zone

One of the immediate benefits of our financial transition process is the implementation of a Decision-Free Zone. Many clients come to us feeling significant pressure to make a decision. The burden can be overwhelming. Our process immediately removes that pressure. We establish a Decision-Free Zone that allows yourself time to take inventory, discover what is most important to you, and to begin to look to the future. It is important to avoid making long-term commitments or large purchases at this time.

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Explore new possibilities and strategies. As a Certified Financial Transitionist®, we will walk with you through the process as you: 

  • Review a written plan for moving ahead financially and in life—at this stage, you will feel a growing sense of control and confidence.
  • Implement Your Plan—a dynamic time for putting your resources into action.
  • Rethink and Refine—Life is a fluid experience. We will continue to make adjustments to your plan as you gain a better understanding of the realities in your new life.
  • Wealth Management and Stewardship—At this time, you really gain a firm sense of control. This is your time to begin your personal career of managing your wealth, strengthening your advisor team, and becoming a steward of your own resources. You have completed the transition to the new chapter of your life.

To begin the financial transition process, you can schedule an initial consultation meeting with our team where we establish a Decision-Free Zone and help you begin to explore the possibilities that your future holds. Feel free to contact us at 919-463-0018 to schedule a date and time.