What is Wealth Management?



Wealth Management involves the ability to deliver a full range of financial products and services in a consultative way. It goes beyond traditional investment ideas and solutions to encompass all types of financial needs throughout all phases of clients' financial lives.

Investment Consulting is the core offering for many wealth managers and the foundation upon which we begin to build our client relationship.

Advanced Planning addresses the range of financial needs beyond investment consulting. It consists of four areas:

  • Wealth Enhancement: The process of using strategies for maximizing the tax efficiency of current assets and cash flow while achieving both growth and capital preservation goals.
  • Wealth Conservation: A process of using strategies to legally structure the future disposition of current and protected assets for the maximum benefit of your chosen beneficiaries. This includes careful planning to mitigate the effect of estate taxes on your family.
  • Asset Protection: The process of employing legally acceptable concepts and strategies to ensure that your wealth is not unjustly taken from you or your family.
  • Charitable Giving: The process of using strategies to maximize the effectiveness of charitable intent so that you can support the causes you and your loved ones believe in.

Relationship Management involves three key tasks: first, fully understanding our clients' critical needs and meeting those needs over time through a consultative process; second, assembling and managing a network of financial experts; and third, working effectively with our clients' other professional advisors, such as their attorneys and accountants.